Screw Size

Starting Method


Rotation Speed


Screw Fastening Counter



Up to three sets of screwdrivers can be connected to one counter

  • Internal memory can store up to eight kinds of screw fastening conditions for a wide range of assembly work
  • Count-Up signal outputs for external monitoring
  • Count Correction Function: Ignores counts on screws that are outside the preset parameters or double fastened
  • Count return Function: When loosening a screw, a reverse signal is sent to the controller to reduce the count by one
  • Space saving design
  • Grounded bit system standard

Count 0 - 99
Counting Method Count-up / Count-down
Count Correction Function Count normal fastening only
Self Adjustable Timer Setting 0.01 to 2.50 sec.
Work Detection Function Yes (1 terminal) / No
Work Installation Timer Setting 0 to 9.5 sec.
OK Output Timer Setting 0 to 9.5 sec.
NG Alarm ON(1) / ON(2) / OFF
OK Buzzer ON(1) / ON(2) / ON(3) / ON(4) / ON(5) / OFF
Count Return Function ON / OFF
Screwdriver Lock Function ON / OFF
Screwdriver Cord Connection Single cord connection (Signal and power lines)
External Inputs on Terminal Block SENSOR / RESET / TORQUE CHECK ch1/2/3
External Outputs on Terminal Block OK, NG, COUNT-UP, DRIVER A/B/C
Input Voltage 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz See the bottom asterisk.*1
Size W × L × H in(mm) 5.94” × 5.51” × 2.36” (151 × 140 × 60)
Weight lbs(kg) 1.76 (0.8)
80”(2 m) cord with UL three-prong plug.
LINK Function

When counters are connected and activated in the screw fastening sequence as shown below, all screwdrivers are on standby except the first one in the sequence. Only when the first screw fastening is finished, can the next screwdriver change from standby to ready. When the last fastening in the sequence is finished, the first screwdriver is once again ready and the sequence can be repeated again.

Up to 10 screwdriver/counter sets can be connected to the LINK.

*1 : The voltage of the dedicated screwdrivers for DLR5040A-WU and DLR5340-WU is 115 V. When you need different voltage screwdrivers, please contact Nitto Kohki U.S.A.