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Nitto Kohki U.S.A., Inc. was founded in 1969 to provide sales and support of the complete range of Nitto Kohki couplers for the North American marketplace. The coupler product range offers customers the ability to make multiple, leak-free connections.

The quick connect have been designed for all the manufacturing fluids - air, water, hydraulic and test (helium, water, fuel, glycol etc).
Coupler designs for the manufacturing process of aluminum die casting, metal machining, mold cooling, painting, injection molding, power tools, diesel and gasoline engine test, refrigeration/air-conditioning production, chemical and multi connections.

The quick connects of Nitto Kohki is the widest vatiesty available on the world market and of the highest quality. Capability includes made-to-order for the most demanding applications.

Nitto Kohki's Integrated Product Assurance System

Research and Development

The needs of the time and the latest information are gathered and analyzed, and unique technology is utilized to the challenge tor ceaseless development of better Cuplas. Cuplas that suggest new applications.

Quality Control

The careful selection of materials, painstaking pursuit of machining precision, and strict surveillance processes such as severe endurance test shave earned trust for our Cuplas as a global brand.



High-grade, rationalized, and integrated production system extends from the machining of parts 10 the assembly and testing of completed products. Robots that we make ourselves for our own plants and many other state-of-the-art facilities that cannot be seen elsewhere have
marvelous capacity for mass production. And with them all, we aim to be an establishment of a flexible supply system.
Tochigi Nitto Kohki factory is accredited under ISO 14001 & 9001.



Meticulous marketing activities include advertising in the general industrial press and specialist papers, national and local exhibitions, training sessions, catalogs. promotion videos, other presentation tools and technical data sheets for new launches, and unique yet dynamic campaigns, etc.


Nitto Kohki USA 46 Chancellor Drive, Roselle, IL 60172 / Ph: 800-323-8828 / Fax: 630-924-1174
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