Quick connects designed for all the manufacturing fluids – air, water, hydraulic. For all manufacturing, process and industrial sectors.

Pneumatic Couplers

Nitto Kohki has a broad range of pneumatic quick disconnect couplers.  The couplers are available in brass, steel or stainless steel.  A few of the most popular items are listed below.  Please browse the catalog from page 17 ~ 58 for a full view of our product line.

Hi Cupla
Hi Cupla 200 (One-Touch Connection) Hi Ace Cupla (Plastic Body) Full Blow Cupla (High Flow) Lock Cupla 200 (Locking Sleeve)

Nut Cupla (Direct Hose Connection) Rotary Nut Cupla PVR Purge Cupla (Pressure Relief Sleeve) Twist Plug Rotary Plug

NK Cupla Hose NK Cupla Coil Hose Small Cupla Super Cupla Micro Cupla

Purge Line Cupla (Pressure Relief Lever) Line Cupla 200T/L/S Rotary Line Cupla (Rotating Manifold) Multi Cupla (Simultaneous Multiple Connections)  

Hydraulic Couplers

Nitto Kohki produces high quality, industrial proven, general purpose quick disconnect couplers. These couplers are perfect for low, medium or high pressure fluid applications.

SP-A: 200~1,000 PSI (Dual Valve) HSP: 2000~3,000 PSI (Dual Valve) TSP: 200~1,000 PSI (No Valve) 350: 5,000 PSI (Dual Valve) 210: 3,000 PSI (Dual Valve)

280: 4,000 PSI (Dual Valve) 450B: 6,400 PSI (Dual Valve) 700R: 10,000 PSI (Dual Valve) Flat Face: 5,000 PSI Minimal Drip (Dual Valve) Hyper HSP: 3,000 PSI Pressure Relief (Dual Valve)

Lever Lock: 70~250 PSI (No Valve)        
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