Industrial Arbors
Jetbroach Cutters

Jetbroach industrial cutters produce faster and better finished holes. Jetbroach Cutters cut holes up to 100mm (equivalent 4") wide and 75mm (equivalent 3") deep, three times faster than conventional twist drills.


  • The Spring-loaded pilot pin picks up the hole location quickly and ejects the slug automatically at the end of cut.
  • Available with No. 2-4 Morse Taper and R-8 shanks.
  • R-8 Shanks are available in side-lock and One-touch


Jetbroach Cuttes
Type Part # Description DOC
BHM-02035 TB00390-0 MT-2 with 3/4" side-lock shank 1-3/8"
BHM-03050 TB00392-0 MT-3 with 3/4" side-lock shank 2"
BHM-13075 TB00352-0 MT-3 with 1-1/4" side-lock "Weldon" shank 3"
BHM-14075 TB00354-0 MT-4 with 1-1/4" side-lock "Weldon" shank 3"
BHR8-00050 TB05891-0 R8 with 3/4" side-lock shank 2"
BHOR8-00050 TB05943-0 R8 with 3/4" "One-Touch" shank 2"


  • All 1-3/8" and 35mm depth cutters use Pilot Pin #UEA0835-0
  • All 2" and 50mm depth cutters use Pilot Pin #UEA0850-0
  • All Jetbroach cutters with a 1-1/4" Weldon shank use Pilot Pin #TA9A207-0
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