Special double-piston system provides low vibration while improving cutting speed!


  • Ideal for sawing and trimming operations on sheet metal, aluminum, plastic and other materials
  • Suitable for automotive, fabrication, HVAC, electrical and woodworking applications
  • Ultra lightweight construction with low vibration performance
  • Optimized blade stroke for maximum cutting performance
  • Powerful dual piston construction
  • Locking throttle lever helps prevent accidental start-up
  • One year limited warranty

SSW-110 Pneumatic Hacksaw
  Pneumatic Hacksaw, ultra lightweight and low vibration

 Air Pressure 85 psi
 Air Consumption 10.2  CFM 
 Strokes per minute 7,000 SPM 
 Stroke Length 11mm (7/16")
 Weight 1.37 lbs.
Accessories Included
  • Threaded Adapter PT1/4” x NPT1/4”
  • 3 mm Allen Wrench
  • (2) Sample 32 TPI Saw Blades

Optional Accessories  
TV7A005 32 TPI for Sheet Metal, Ferrous Metal (5 blades/set)
TV7A006 24 TPI for Ferrous Metal, Non- Ferrous Metal (5 blades/set)
TV7A007 18 TPI for Wood, Plastic, Non- Ferrous Metal (5 blades/set)
TV7A008 14 TPI for Wood, Plastic (5 blades/set)


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