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delvo S Series (DLV30S/45S/70S Series)

High Performance Electric Torque Screwdrivers with Multiple Functions

Are you having the problems
of screw fastening jobs?
  • Stripped Screws
  • Cross Threading
  • Damaged Thread
  • Scraped Base Surface
delvo electric torque screwdriver S Series (DLV30S/45S/70S series) is a cost-effective solution for various types of screw fastening problems.

Delvo S Series
Product Information


Programmable 3 Stage Speed Control

  • Soft start allows the smooth insert of screw, minimizing the chance of screw bit's cam-out or cross threading.
  • High speed driving increases productivity.
  • Soft finish reduces the impact of rotational speed to torque, minimizing the chance of damaging or scraping the base material surface.

Wide Range of Speed Selection

  • Wide range of speed selection allows the optimum speed setting in various fastening conditions.
  • Very slow driving avoids damaging the thread of thin sheet metal or heat sensitive material.

Automatic Reverse Setting

  • The driver is programmable to reverse the rotational direction or stop the motor either when achieving a pre-set torque, or a pre-set time.
  • The function can be utilized for threaded hole inspection and pre-refastening to final fastening in a programmed sequence.

Batch Counting with Pass/Fail Report

  • Built-in screw counter counts the number of valid fastenings per batch.
  • Fastening time of each screw is precisely monitored for pass or fail judgement with real time feedback. It detects invalid fastenings by cross threading, floating screw, wrong screw and stripped thread.
  • The tool provides separate audible tones and sends out status signal to external devices.

Batch Counting

Pass/Fail report by fastening time monitor

Setting Configuration via Remote Controller with Security Option

  • Settings for multiple tools can be configured at once via remote controller.
  • Key lock avoids tampering on settings and extra security is assured with password requirement for tool activation.

Signal Communication with Other Devices

  • The tool has signal I/O terminal port to communicate with other devices such as sensors, signal lamp.
  • By communicating with a sensor, the screwdriver runs only when the workpiece is in a designated place, and you can take it out of the place only after all the screw are fastened correctly. Otherwise, it will generate an NG signal.

Communication through signal Input/Output

Channel (Program) Storage for 8 Separate Patterns

  • Once you pre-set separate speed settings, you can switch from one channel to another quickly. Channels switch over by programmed sequence or signal input.

High Performance, Functional and Reliable Design

Brushless motor

  • Carbon-dust-free, clean environment
  • Low maintenance, extensive operation life
  • Powerful motor maintains the rotational speed over driving load

ESD Safe

  • Protects electric parts from ESD damage

Extensive Torque Coverage

  • 3 models available to cover wide torque range of 3.5 - 62 lbs-in
DLV30S Series 3.5 - 26.6 lbs-in
DLV45S Series 17.7 - 39.8 lbs-in
DLV70S Series 33.6 - 62.9 lbs-in