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HA Series Punches

Punch, return, and reset operations are fully automatic.
An emergency switch stops the punch instantly at any time.

Punch & Dies for HA & HS Series

* 1" and 1-1/16" punch requires the use of a split lock nut (UHA9936-0) and reduces the maximum thickness to 9/16"

Model HA11-1624 HA07-1624 HA06-1322
Schematic Schematic Schematic
Max. Punching Diameter : 1-1/16" Max. Punching Diameter : 15/16" Max. Punching Diameter : 7/8"
Max. Punching Thickness : 5/8"* Max. Punching Thickness : 5/8" Max. Punching Thickness : 1/2"
  Max. Output : 49 tons Max. Output : 49 tons Max. Output : 34 tons
Max. Throat Depth 4-5/16" 2-3/4" 2-3/8"
Hole Making Time Punching Time 16.5 sec. Punching Time 16.5 sec. Punching Time 10.5 sec.
  Returning Time 1 sec. Returning Time 1 sec. Returning Time 1 sec.
Allowable Max. Pressure 10,000 psi 10,000 psi 10,000 psi
Weight 78 lbs. 63 lbs. 47 lbs.
Accessories Included • Hose Cord Assembly • Spanner • Sub Handle Assembly • Tool Box
• 22 mm Punch & Die mounted on machine • 4mm Allen Wrench

Punch & Dies for HA & HS Series

In case of mild steel maximum punching thickness must be decided based on the equation of 0.8 x punching diameter. For details see the instruction manual.

Optional Accessories

UHA9936-0 Split Lock Nut

for 1” and 1-1/16” Punch

TA99037-0 Lock Nut Assembly

for 25 mm Punch

Part #TA96342

Hook Clamp Assembly

Part #TW-40

Spring Balancer for HA11/HA07

Part #TW-30

Spring Balancer for HA06

Part #TA94386

Foot Switch Assembly

Portable Hydraulic Pump


Portable Single-Acting Hydraulic Pump
(to be used with the HA Series Punches)


Model SC-05
Power Source (Single Phase) 110-120V AC
Max. Output Pressure 10,000 psi
Output At No Load 1.28 qt/min
Output At 10,000 psi 0.59 qt/min
Motor 0.4 kw 4p
Reservoir Capacity 4.26 qt
Discharge Port Rc 3/8 (PT 3/8")
Weight 60 lbs.